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Beyond the Hype: 8 Lesser-Known Facts About the Apple Vision Pro

After years of anticipation, speculation, and a plethora of rumors, Apple has finally pulled the curtain back on its latest groundbreaking creation: the Vision Pro. Unveiled at Apple's iconic WWDC 2023 event, the Vision Pro, Apple's first-ever AR and VR headset, has stirred an extraordinary level of excitement in the tech world. The announcement was received with a standing ovation and set the stage...

12 New Changes Coming to Windows 11 including AI

Windows has made a significant stride in enhancing their latest update. They have implemented a typable search box and AI-powered Bing directly into the taskbar which provides a seamless and convenient way to locate what you're looking for on your PC. The search function enables you to search for a wide range of information such as files, applications, and even provides assistance in case you...

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