Top 7 features of Mac OS Sonoma That Will Boost Your Mac Experience

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Apple officially introduced macOS Sonoma – the latest version of macOS 14, during the WWDC 2023 event, along with other software updates for various devices.

As a minimalist tech guy who’s constantly on the lookout for fresh ways to enhance my daily workflow and simplify my life, I was very curious when I installed macOS Sonoma. I spent hours to play around with the settings and becoming familiar with the interface, excited to see how it could take my productivity to the next level. After some exploration, I discovered some fantastic features of macOS Sonoma that have the potential to elevate your Mac experience and make your day more stimulating and creative. Curious to know what these features are?

Shuffle Aerial Screensavers

The update brings a breath of fresh air to screensavers. This is an interesting update with transitions that seamlessly blend your screensavers into your desktop wallpaper, creating an effortless visual journey everytime you unlock you Mac. The screensavers offer various locations and themes, such as landscapes, cityscapes, or underwater scenes, they bring a refreshing touch to your workspace.Interactive Desktop Widgets

You can now put widgets right on your desktop, this is super useful! You can freely place them wherever on your screen you want and they’re also interactive. You can check off tasks, play and pause podcast, jot down quick notes and launch apps effortlessly. What’s more, you can even add iOS widgets to your Mac if your iPhone is nearby or on the same Wi-Fi network. When not in use, these widgets blend to the color of your wallpaper, making them not only practical but also visually pleasing.

Enhanced Video Call Features

Good news for those who frequently use video conferencing. MacOS Sonoma steps up the game with the new presenter overlay and 3D video effects, which are not only available for FaceTime but also other conferencing apps like Zoom.

The most compelling feature is the presenter overlay, which keeps your face front and center while sharing your screen in the background. This is super useful l in a modern world where attention spans are shorter and people are becoming more visually-oriented. Whether you’re a salesperson making a pitch to win an important client or a teacher looking to engage more with the class, it enhances your presentations, making them more influential and professional.

Additionally, the 3D video effects like fireworks and balloons that can react with your hand movements are fun to use if you want to create interesting connections with your colleagues or friends.

Safari Gets Smarter

Safari can now separate profiles for work, personal, and more allow you to keep your browsing organized and efficient. Each profile has its own history, cookies, extensions, tab groups, and favorites. If you’re juggling multiple Google accounts, tab groups for different work and personal use, this feature is a the exact thing you need.

Web Apps

You can create web apps and add them to your dock simply by choosing the option File -> Add to Dock on Safari. If you’re into Web App development like me, you can now see how your web app functions when it looks like a real app on the desktop. They behave like normal applications, complete with push notifications and a simplified toolbar. This makes your development workflow and app testing smoother than ever.

Fill out PDFs faster with AutoFill

Previously, if you want to fill out a form in PDF, you had to insert a text box for each line where you wanted to input your text. Now, you can choose the option called “Show Form Filling Tool Bar ” at the top right corner before the search bar and give it a few seconds to render. Your document will then automatically display ready-to-fill boxes in each section of the form, allowing you to easily fill it out.

Elevated Gaming Experience

Here’s the cherry on top – although it’s not relating to productivity, I also appreciate the new game mode that macOS Sonoma introduces. It gives your gaming experience the highest priority on CPU and GPU, ensuring more consistent frame rates by lowering usage for background tasks. It also reducing latency for wireless controllers and AirPods. This feature is a game-changer, especially if you’re gaming on a non-pro machine like the MacBook Air. We all deserve some fun time to unwind after a long hustling day, this game mode brings the power of Apple silicon to the for befront of your gaming experience.

In addition to these major features, MacOS Sonoma also incorporates several useful features from iOS and iPad OS. Whether you’re a productivity enthusiast, a creative professional, or simply someone who loves using Mac, this update is sure to enhance your overall experience.

Now, I’d love to hear from you – which feature are you most excited about? Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments below and subcribe to the Newsletter for all up to date news about Mac.

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